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Why do I need reading glasses?

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While your ability to read up-close may be declining, the strength of your arms may be increasing! Reading at arm’s length is an effective strategy for a limited amount of time; eventually, your arms just aren’t long enough! Does this sound like you? It may be time for reading glasses.

Here are some conditions that reading glasses improve:


If you’re above the age of 40, the muscles in your eyes have been put through a lot of strain. In medical terminology, the muscles that are responsible for focusing the soft lens in your eye have begun to weaken. Additionally, a condition known as presbyopia is occurring,, in which the normally flexible lens of your eye begins to harden.

This decline in up-close vision takes place gradually over the course of time. Reading glasses are the ideal solution for correcting presbyopia, which can be identified by symptoms including blurry vision when reading at close range. If you wear reading glasses with the appropriate power, you will no longer have to read as if you are playing the trombone.

Tired eyes

Close-focus reading is defined as text that is less than 35 centimeters from the reader’s eyes. Over the age of 40, reading from a book, tablet, or phone becomes challenging, which can lead to tired eyes.This is because presbyopia is causing your eye muscles to exert more effort in order to concentrate. For some people, this can lead to headaches after a while of up-close focus without the assistance of reading glasses to relax the eyes.

Decreased night vision

Similar to presbyopia, with age, your ability to see in the dark will gradually decrease. It may be difficult for you to see clearly in low-lit places such as restaurants (also because of the small font size of the menu!). Wearing glasses or contacts that correct your vision for reading can make things simpler.

We can help you!

Because it is an inevitable consequence of getting older, presbyopia can’t be avoided. If you’re having trouble reading, schedule an exam with us so we can assess how well your eyes are focusing up-close. Even if it’s been less than a year since your last eye exam, it’s important to come in if you are struggling to read. With the onset of presbyopia, vision can sometimes change rapidly. Reading glasses can also be combined with contact lenses.

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