Dry Eye Disease

Dry eyes

Millions experience dry eyes, which can be extremely distracting and make everyday situations difficult. It is normal for your eyes to be dry from time to time but it should not be a regular issue. Dry eyes can become a chronic condition when your eyes don’t make enough quality tears to nourish themselves and stay lubricated. But you don’t have to struggle with this discomfort!

​What causes dry eyes?

Most dry eye conditions (around 80% of them!) are caused by blocked oil glands in the eyelids. There are a number of factors that contribute to this:

  • Gender: A majority of those with dry eyes are women due to natural hormonal changes.

  • Age: There is a higher prevalence of this condition in individuals over the age of 50.

  • Environment: Dry wind, air, and climates can evaporate tears causing dry eyes. Additionally, things like heaters, air conditioners, fans, and other common household appliances can also dry our eyes.  

  • Medication: Some medications can cause dry eyes as a side effect.

  • Other Health Conditions: There are a number of conditions that also cause dry eyes. A number of auto-immune diseases do this such as Sjogren’s disease.

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Some common symptoms of dry eyes:

  • Tired eyes despite getting a full night’s rest
  • Gritty or itchy eyes
  • Excessive tearing and discharge
  • Increased sensitivity to light

Is there a cure for dry eyes?

While there is no exact cure for dry eyes there are many treatment options for the condition. The doctors at Lumos Vision Care can diagnose dry eyes and recommend great therapy options to help you find relief! We have some of the most advanced dry eye technologies and accessible modes of therapy to help address any dry eye concerns. Through a dry eye consultation, they can figure out what dry eye therapies best suit your condition and create a personalized treatment method to significantly reduce your symptoms.

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