Combat Sport Licensing

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Lumos Vision Care and the Neurology Centre of Toronto (491 Eglinton Ave West) are collaborating to perform Comprehensive Medical Examinations in compliance with Ontario’s Athletics Commissioner, for professional combat athletes. Complete all your medical requirements in one session!

All MMA fighters, boxers, and kickboxers are required to uphold an annual license under the Athletics Control Act in order to participate in professional combative sports contests.

The following services are required to fulfill the License Renewal Evaluation requirements:

  • *Medical Examination
  • *Sports Physio Assessment
  • *ECG
  • *Bloodwork & Urine
  •   Eye Exam
  • *MRI/CT or EEG

*Tests and evaluations are covered by OHIP

**Additional testing may be required/recommended for First-Time Applicants. 

If you would like to be a part of our comprehensive athlete medical examination program, please contact us for more details and we’d be happy to facilitate your bookings. A referral from your family doctor may be required.

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