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What is a Visual Field test and Why Do We Do It?

A visual field test, also known as perimetry, is a diagnostic examination that gauges the complete expanse of a person’s peripheral vision. It can unveil valuable insights about the functionality of the optic nerve, retina, and visual pathways. Here’s what a visual field test can unveil:

Diagnosis and Monitoring of Glaucoma: Visual field testing is a pivotal tool in ascertaining and tracking glaucoma, a condition characterized by the impairment of the optic nerve. It can aid in evaluating the magnitude of peripheral vision detriment and detecting any temporal alterations, thus assisting in the management of the ailment.

Evaluation of Optic Nerve Disorders: Visual field testing can furnish information regarding optic nerve disorders such as optic neuritis, optic neuropathy, or optic nerve tumors. It facilitates the determination of the position and extent of any visual field anomalies linked to these conditions.

Assessment of Retinal Disorders: Certain retinal conditions like retinitis pigmentosa or diabetic retinopathy can instigate peripheral vision loss. Visual field testing can uncover the scope and configuration of peripheral vision loss associated with these disorders.

Identification of Neurological Disorders: Visual field defects can serve as indicators of neurological conditions that impact the visual pathways, including strokes, brain tumors, or multiple sclerosis. A visual field test can aid in pinpointing the location and peculiarities of visual field defects linked to these conditions. It can contribute to the assessment of hemianopia or quadrantanopia, wherein specific regions of the visual field experience vision loss. Furthermore, it helps ascertain the essence and magnitude of these visual field defects.

Documentation of Baseline and Progression: Visual field testing establishes an initial measurement of an individual’s peripheral vision. Subsequent tests can be juxtaposed to evaluate the progression of the disease or the response to treatment.

Despite the various methods available for conducting a visual field test, at Lumos, we employ a Virtual Reality (VR) headset to optimize patient comfort and usability.

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