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Taking Care of Your Eyes: At Lumos Vision Care in Toronto

Maintaining healthy vision is one of the important tasks for adults that should not

be overlooked. Eye doctors, or optometrists, provide services to diagnose problems,

assess risk factors, and make recommendations for preventive measures

throughout our lives. Lumos Vision Care, located in Toronto, Canada, is one of the

best optometrists in the area, offering comprehensive examinations, contact lens

fittings, dry-eye treatments, myopia control, laser eye consults, and diabetic exams.

Whether you are an adult who needs an exam or a specialist who requires specific

treatment, Lumos Vision Care is well-equipped to provide you with personalized



Our optometry team is comprised of experienced and board-certified physicians

who provide a comprehensive approach to eye health and vision care. All of our

doctors have extensive experience and expertise in their respective areas and have

years of experience in diagnosing, treating, and preventing eye-related illnesses and

conditions. We are the first optometrist in the area to offer direct billing to your

insurance company for eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses.


For a comprehensive exam, navigating patients’ health records are necessary. At

Lumos Vision Care, our team performs a comprehensive eye exam, including tests

for visual acuity, peripheral vision sharpness, and color vision. We also bring various

eye equipment for the diagnosis of more serious conditions. This includes tests for

glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.


We excel at providing contact lens fittings for both soft and hard contact lenses.

Our optometrists perform detailed measurements on your eyes to determine what

type of lenses are best suited for you. We can provide lenses to accommodate

different levels of near and far vision, astigmatism (if it is present), and reading

prescription. We can also provide contact lenses to accommodate various levels of dry eye and other medical conditions.


Apart from contact lens fittings, we also treat various dry-eye conditions such as

evaporative dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction. We provide specialized

treatments such as intensive lubricant drops, lid hygiene, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Radiofrequency (RF), and more. We also specialize in myopia control, which is a process that can slow down the progression of nearsightedness and minimize the risk of myopia related diseases.


For laser eye consultations, our team offers a comprehensive evaluation that takes

into account your overall health and lifestyle. We provide complete vision

assessment and make sure to cover all risks and side-effects associated with any

laser vision correction procedures. We also offer diabetic exams, which are

conducted annually and are the most accurate way to diagnose and manage eye

health related to diabetes.


At Lumos Vision Care, we are quality-driven and provide the best and most reliable

care for our patients. Our highly trained and knowledgeable optometrists offer

personalized services and expertise to ensure that the patient receives the best

possible advice and treatment for their needs.


With our convenient location and services, Lumos Vision Care is a great choice for

eye exams, contact lens fittings, laser eye consultations, and diabetic exams. For

those in the Toronto area looking for quality optometry care, Lumos Vision Care is

here to provide specialized attention and top quality services.


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