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“Clean” eye make-up for sensitive eyes

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If you like wearing eye makeup but despise removing it, then use an eye makeup remover designed for sensitive eyes. While most eye makeup removers are formulated with mild chemicals, very few solutions have been evaluated explicitly for use on eyes that are sensitive.

Formulations for sensitive eyes have been confirmed safe for use by ophthalmologists and dermatologists, and they contain no scents or other irritants.If you suffer from blepharitis or chronic eye irritation, an excellent choice is Blephaclean, which is an antimicrobial lid hygiene wipe.

Another thing to note is that scrubbing too vigorously may damage the sensitive skin surrounding your eyes and lashes. Therefore, it is important not to rub too hard when removing your eye make-up. Additionally, you can replace long-wearing, water-resistant eye makeup with readily removable or washable makeup instead. Some eye products, particularly false eyelashes or eye makeup containing glitter, can be especially irritating to the eyes.

If you are experiencing eye irritation, it’s important to rule out dry eyes as the cause. Check out our dry eye evaluation and treatment.

Now for the most crucial element: how to remove stubborn eye makeup without hurting or irritating your eyes.

Carefully handle everything

To remove your eye makeup, first use an eye makeup remover formulated for sensitive eyes, or use a natural makeup remover (you can learn more about natural eye makeup removers in the next section).

To begin, soak a cotton pad with a gentle eye makeup remover, and use the pad to clean around your eyes carefully. Better yet, allow the remover to rest for a few seconds first. This will make your eye makeup, namely your mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner, easier to remove.

Remove eye debris

It’s important not to overlook the borders of your eyes since that’s where the leftover liner and mascara will pile up over time. Cotton pads soaked in oil or micellar water may be used to remove makeup around the corners of the eyes in a gentle but effective manner. Again, take care not to scrape or rub too vigorously.

Soak it up

To do this, first soak the cotton pads in micellar water or coconut oil. You may even use a combination of the two. After that, shut your eyes and leave the pads there for 15 to 20 seconds. Then, use the pads to gently wipe the makeup away. This method is both gentle for your eyes, and helps remove thick eye makeup.

Double cleanse

You have probably heard of the double-washing approach for cleaning your face; this process is comparable. To begin, take some cleansing oil or micellar water and use it to clean all corners of your eyes carefully. Then, using a cotton pad soaked with a gentle cleanser, remove any remaining makeup from around your eyes. That’s all there is to it! Removing your makeup twice assists greatly in removing residual, stubborn eye makeup.

Moisturise well

Always moisturize both before and after applying makeup for best results. It is essential that you use eye cream both in the morning before you apply makeup, and again in the evening after you remove your makeup. This maintains the suppleness and health of the skin around your eyes, making it simpler to apply and remove makeup later.

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